The Naukhanda palace was built by Malik Ambar in 1616 upon the summit of a rising ground at Aurangabad, India. The massive portal gateway leading to this, over which the Naubatkhana sounded, was called Barkal. The palace had nine apartments, the interior buildings consisted of five zananas, a Divan i Aam, a Divan i Khas, a masjid, and a kacheri, each provided with a garden and a cistern.

The beautiful imperial residence of the Nizams is called Naukhanda Palace. The region is well known for its architectural style. When Nizam Ali Khan visited Aurangabad, he resided in this palace. Five Zenanas are located in the interior building of the palace, which includes nine apartments. The months of October through March are perfect for visiting this palace. The palace is located in the center of Aurangabad and is accessible by taxi, car, or any other kind of public transit.